How Silk Terry Scarves Measure Quality Standards

- Apr 26, 2018-

For silk-Terry scarves, the quality of the raw materials affects the quality of the final product. Of course, the production process is also a key factor. Then Luckystar Textiles, a manufacturer of real silk and woolen scarves, will introduce you to the standard of how quality silk scarves should be judged:

1.the standard cloth

There are two standards in the industry: one is a print embryo and the other is a dyeing embryo. The difference between these two embryonic fabrics is the fabric defect rate and the fabric defect rate calculation, because we generally export to Europe and the United States, and use internationally more common ones. American standard four-point system. 

2.dyeing standards

The choice of dyes relates to color fastness, color gloss, and safety!

In fact, the standard of color fastness is a color fastness test for ordinary people, and there is color fastness and light fastness to saliva. The color fastness to saliva is generally used in infant products. On the rare, fast! Lightfastness color fastness generally refers to the sun and near direct lighting, please remember that silk clothing should not be in the sun exposure uneven color or fabric hardening! About the direct consumption of this direct lighting Worried, the general need to pay attention to the garment factory and embroidery these two!



This is related to the choice of dyes. Now it is generally an acid dye or a reactive dye. Acid dyes have a better color and are generally used for colors with bright colors.

The advantage is that if you do wrong, you can dial the color for secondary dyeing. The disadvantage is that the color fastness is not high enough. Generally, the color fastness of the third grade will reach about 3-5 after fixation; but now the use of acid dyes is the mainstream!


This general consumer will not pay attention, but want to sell abroad in the formal way this is the one that must be detected is the AZO test, one is formaldehyde detection, because the silk is generally worn this most easily overlooked place is the most everyone Should pay attention to the place!

The above four points are the criteria for judging the quality of silk-scarves. Of course, when consumers purchase silk-scarves, the easiest way to judge whether materials are silk or not is to burn. For feel, one hundred people have one. Hundred Hamlets cannot have a very good judging standard.