Scarf collocation Style

- Sep 12, 2017-

Cool article

Thin as a cicada's scarf used to match a suit, can have a refreshing feeling. This thin scarf must pay attention to the material, silk or hemp has the best results.

Scarf + Sleeveless Strapless halter

Scarf inadvertently in the neck around a circle, towel tail at random hanging behind, not only to the fragrant shoulder to increase the warmth, but also to add a few of the sexy and charming dew.

Scarf + V Collar

Multi-wound scarf only tassels gently down, lovely hundred, plus the charm of the V-neck is a wonderful combination. V-word collar sexy pressing, and double winding scarf collocation, not only can make up for the cold feeling between the neck, Tim a bit naughty cute.

Scarf + Sleeveless Vest

Low-chested sleeveless vest with shawl-style large scarf collocation, sexy but noble and elegant. A sleeveless vest full of summer freshness and a warm scarf to fight and fuse.

Warm article

Relatively thick texture of the scarf is cool outfit good partner, color should be relatively strong, to create the impression of autumn.

Scarf + High Collar

The exquisite embroidery of the scarf is a magic weapon to enhance the charm. Wearing a high collar shirt aftertaste that refreshing, long hanging in the chest before the scarf more elongated overall sense of fine.

Scarf + Shirt

The shirt has the effect of the body, feel slender, and casually tied a scarf to tell the book complex. A broad scarf can be used as a shawl, with a simple shirt with a typical elegant casual dress.