Six ways to wear a scarf

- Sep 12, 2017-

Scarves, especially silk scarves, are really a science. The scarf is how many kinds of wear law, who also dare not to be raved. The designer shows you the new ways to wear these scarves, add some special decorations, such as silk scarf buckle, long pearl necklace, etc. There are simple and easy ways to get started, and some of the more exotic, special fever skills. These exquisite scarves are twisted, folded, twisted, and turned into excellent decorations in their hands. Follow our steps to learn how to wear a scarf, so that your fall is also full of cool warmth.

A long scarf can be so small, wrapped around the neck two, and then knotted.

b scarf and Necklace perfect collocation, looks a little complex, but very effective.

C Select a square scarf, folded into a regular fan tuck. Use an iron to iron the shape slightly. Fasten buckle, fasten with scarf.

D-squares folded diagonally, twisting at corners. Slewing Buckle. Hide the buckle and tidy it up.

E looks simple to wear method, in fact, the beauty is to emphasize the volume and integrity of the knot. First, fold the silk towel into strips, make a common knot, and then the left and right towel angle from the knot to wear out.

F hanging in the chest of the long silk scarf, the system is a bit similar to the method of men's tie, the difference is that there is a string of necklace dotting, it appears particularly charming.