The characteristics of silk

- Nov 29, 2017-

1, The mulberry Silk touches soft and flexible, refined degum silk practice, the surface smooth and uniform, clean and elegant. Silk is a porous protein fiber, with good moisture absorption, wetting properties and Gas, breathable performance. Soft and comfortable limbs, with unique

"Silk mound"feature.

2, Silk has strong tensile strength, fracture strength up to 3.1 to 3.6 dN / tex (3.50 to 4.09 gf /
Once). Reach elongation up 15 ~ 25%; Unit cross-sectional area to withstand the cutting strength to achieve 432.1 to 471.4 N / mm2 (44 to 48 kgf / mm2), close to the wire.
Silk excellent wear resistance in other natural fibers,22.2 / 24.42 dtex (20/22 Once 4A Life of silk package and force up 80 Times about.

3, Silk has high heat resistance, its decomposition point 150℃ or so, at the same time, silk warmth is good, wearing warm winter and cool feeling in summer.
4, Silk’s insulation performance is good, and is a poor conductor of electricity, but when the high moisture regain will reduce electricity. Resistance and reduce the insulation performance, under normal circumstances, the moisture regain of silk fiber 8% ~ 14%.

 5, Silk’s dyeing performance is good, available with direct dyes, acid dyes, reactive dyes and

a variety of mordant staining, basic dyes need to add protective agent.
Dyed beautiful, clear, exquisite.
Silk’s resistance to acid is stronger than cotton, weaker than wool, with the increase of temperature, silks stop swelling and dissolve.
Caustic solves sericin and damages even at low temperatures and injured silk fibroin.

 6.Silk fibroin can absorb certain metals (such as tin), the use of this feature can be entered to increase the amount of tin processing, in order to increase the volume of silk fibroin and wrinkle resistance.

You can also use sericia and other fixed law to deal with silk, get a new style of silk new material, production of certain accessories and summer clothing.

7.Silk fiber‘s defects are long-term preservation or exposure, easily lead to yellowing and embrittlement. After the silk fabrics are washed by the sun is also easy to fade, some microbial strains can make silk discoloration. Affect the quality of silk fabric. In addition, the fiber friction, buckling strength, elongation fatigue and other services with performance than synthetic fibers.

Silk is used for women scarves and shawls, man scarves and even silk clothing. The scarves can used in summer to protect skin and aslo can keep warm in winter.

Common silk fabric varieties in accordance with the process roughly crepe de chine, heavy crepe, Georgetown, double Joe, heavy Joe, Sangbo Satin, Su crepe satin, stretch Crepe satin, warp knitting and other categories, each with its own characteristics