The color matching of the scarf

- Sep 12, 2017-

First, purple and purple most taboo whole body is the same kind of purple, can use the method of the depth collocation

is purple with purple, powder purple with purple and so on. Like what:

1, purple stripe scarf + purple trousers + Purple Bag

2, Pink purple sweater + light purple small vest.

3, purple Boat type collar sweater + purple-red decorative strip and knee skirt + high boots.

II. collocation scheme--purple + brown Purple

When paired with Brown, it's best to adopt a cascading approach: just let the purple dress show a small area, or just appear as an accessory. Be sure to match with color or fashionable ornaments, otherwise it is easy to look rustic. Like what:

1, purple sleeveless shirt + fur neck scarf + brown trousers

2, brown plaid sweater + Brown shirt + Purple handbag

3, purple sweater + brown coat + brown plaid skirt + golden handbag