The reception of the scarf

- Sep 12, 2017-

1, if you want to use silk towel without ironing can be used directly, I believe that the frequency will be greatly increased, in this to introduce you 4 kinds of not easy to produce crepe, and convenient to find and do not occupy the space of the collection method. Try it out according to your actual needs.

(1) can use hanging suit trousers hanger, the silk towel folds into can immediately use the state hangs, and the clamp fixed, takes very conveniently.

(2) The use of thick cardboard small collection drawer, you can choose the width of 30cm or so, will be folded into 1/4 of the silk towel after the collection.

(3) A number of folded silk scarf hanging on the hanger, and the clothes clip fixed, afraid of the clothing folder will leave traces on the silk towel, can be used thick paper clips between the clip and the scarf.

(4) Fold the silk towel into 1/4 size, put in a multi-layer inside the folder, collection, as long as the folder flat, will not produce crepe, and a glance.

Because the use of silk scarves is not limited by the season, so the collection time is relatively not too long. If it is a collection for a long time, you can use the following two methods:

(1) The first is the use of the core of fresh-keeping film, the fold of the silk towel rolled in the core of the preservation film, do not occupy space, but also to prevent wrinkles.

(2) The second is the use of the laundry bag, hanging on the hanger on the silk scarf and shawl to cover a laundry storage bag, can prevent dust.

2, how to save the scarf for a long time to eliminate the hanging spike knot method---to first comb open the spike and then collection: before collecting shawls and scarves, you should comb the suspension, but do not pull up, use a thicker comb to open the spike, and steam the steam iron to straighten the suspension.