What kind of fabric are silk-terry?

- Apr 24, 2018-

The silk-terry scarves have the characteristics of being fluffy and elastic and not easy to lose hair. They are widely loved by consumers. However, for the silk-pulling process, do you know what it is?

The scarf wholesaler Luckystar Scarves Textile will give you a brief introduction:

   The angled wire looper is inserted into the inside of the yarn, hooking the fibers and forming hairiness; the same thing as bristles.

   Grazing and napping is a concept, that is, the same process, the equipment used is a brushing machine, the use of needle roller to pull out the microfibers in the fabric yarn to form a surface fluff effect, the specific products are flannel, silver hydroxy For example, the pulling process is also called “raising”; different fabrics use different steel needles, which have a round head and a pointed tip. In general, the cotton type has a pointed head and the wool type has a round head.


The above is a brief introduction of the pulling process. Actually, silk pulling is a more complicated process in the production of scarves. Therefore, it is higher in price.