Material Selection Of Silk Scarf

- Sep 12, 2017-


In the spring of all things reviving and full of vigor, Jacqueline often chooses silk as the best prop to explain its natural and romantic temperament. Silk is one of the most commonly used materials for making silk scarves. The silk scarf made of this material not only glow with attractive luster, but also have natural folds, look natural and beautiful. Wearing such a scarf to attend the formal occasion is appropriate, grace gorgeous silk towel hanging in front of the chest, sedate but no lack of amorous feelings, glamorous but not frivolous, silently reveal your like water tenderness.

Silk natural fiber, in dry windy spring for you to remove the trouble of static electricity, and has a good thermal insulation and flexibility. In addition, it's soft care, let it in shaping the shape of all the slightest affectation, I believe it will be your preference. Although this scarf can also be cleaned at home, but you love silk towel, it is best to send it to professional laundry washing. In addition, when storage, do not forget that silk scarves are easily moth-eaten characteristics, must put insect-proof agent.


Every summer, hemp silk scarf became the most comfortable choice, no more than hemp silk scarf more revealing her noble refined temperament. This material is easy to wear and comfortable with any summer clothes. If you happen to be a long-term in air-conditioning environment ol, then a hemp silk scarf to you more like a "fashion bodyguard", both beautiful, and can withstand the air conditioning on the neck and shoulder injury.

Hemp Silk towel is easy to wrinkle, but it is it that with the nature, natural folds, more embodies the wearer romantic aristocratic amorous feelings. In storage, you should gently fold the silk towel, do not be pressed by heavy objects, so that will not produce a dead fold can not be smoothed.