Men How To Tie The Scarve

- Oct 18, 2017-

Scarves are very wonderful and useful decorative baldric and do love by women and men.

There is many ways to tie a scarf for men. Bellowing is how to tie a men scarf.


Way 1. This is very easy way, you only need to wear scarves around neck and then hide in coat as bellowing photo showed. This way is good for medium and long scarf in Spring or Autumn day.


Way 2.Circle the scarf around neck external and good for medium and long scarf in spring and autumn day too.


Way 3.Cross the scarf, this is very normal way for men to wear it. Be good for long scarves in spring and autumn day


Way 4. Circle the scarf around neck and then cross it back. Then you can wear the business suit. Good for long scarf and not cold weather.


Way 5 .Circle the scarf and then cross it as bellowing way, this way is good for long scarf and thickness scarf in cold weather.


Way 6. This is normal way also. Firstly folio scarf then put two side go thought the circle and tighten. This way is good for thickness and long scarf in cold weather.