Silk Towel Purchase

- Sep 12, 2017-

1. Distinguish quality from cloth and color. Good fabric is the first element, in addition, the silk towel side to "hand" sewing as the election. Printing color must be uniform, generally speaking, the richer the quality of the better.

2. Choose according to your stature. For example: the short neck of the person, select a small thin silk scarf, the knot is best tied to the neck, or loose and low in front of the chest; petite should avoid too cumbersome a long line of law.

3. Pay attention to any special design. Special design of the silk scarf to use a special play to show creativity. Must pay attention to the pattern when buying, must personally try to tie.

4. To conform to personal style. If you are a good girl, then silk scarves will be the best choice, while the transparent silk scarf is suitable for romantic modelling, and to try avant-garde style, with a shiny texture of the silk towel will have an unexpected effect.