The Collection Method Of Silk Scarf

- Sep 12, 2017-

1 The use of hanging suit trousers hanger, the silk towel folded into the state can be immediately used to hang, and clamp fixed, easy to use. can also hang the silk towel on the hanger, and fasten with the clothes clip. With a thick paper clip between the clip and the silk scarf, the jacket will not leave traces on the silk scarf.

2 can choose to use thick cardboard to make small storage box, width of around 30cm, will be folded into the original large 1/4 size of the silk scarf and then folded in the collection.

3 Fold the silk towel into the original large 1/4 size, put in a folder with multiple inner layers. Storage, as long as the folder flat, it will not produce wrinkles, and a glance.