The Collocation Technique Of Silk Scarf

- Sep 12, 2017-

Silk scarf collocation also has a great knowledge, such as white coat with deep blue velvet towel, gray coat with red silk scarf, apricot coat with rose purple silk towel, when the coat and silk towel color close, can use shiny pin to coordinate etc. It is worth noting that to match the elegant effect, should pay special attention to the clothing collar. For example, the sweater chooses the head high collar to be advisable, the coat has the V-shaped collar, the lapel person is good. Here are some interesting costumes for you:

A: Long-shaped jujube red floral silk towels with gray clothing, can make it beat spirituality;

B: Wearing ochre coat with a pale white flower-shaped square scarf, in the middle of the neckline or slightly to the sideways knot, will make people appear noble and reserved;

C: A red with orange flower pattern scarf around the neck in front of the chest cross, at both ends through the ribs in the back of a knot, put on a coat, the unique personality will be vividly revealed;

D: Quiet and pure personality, good at creating the girl can be in the neck with pure white silk scarf into two delicate full of roses, a playful lovely, pure innocent girl will be smiling standing there;

E: The personality lively extroversion girl or buys several pieces of multicolored small square scarf, chooses the side long to be 32~40 centimeters, then folds into "the winter cap"--folk custom, the abstraction and even after the modernist spraying technology, will give "the head scenery" to bring the unexpected surprise;