The Law Of The Face Of Silk Scarf

- Sep 12, 2017-

Round face

The face is more abundant person, want to let the facial contour appear fresh and thin, the key is to elongate the part of the scarf as far as possible, emphasizing the longitudinal feeling, and pay attention to maintain the integrity of the longitudinal line from head to toe, try not to interrupt.

Tie Flowers Knot, choose those suitable for personal dress style of the knot method, such as Diamond knot, Diamond flower, Rose, heart type knot, Cross knot and so on, avoid overlapping around the neck, too horizontal and the level of texture too strong flower knot.

Long face

The horizontal system of the left and right unfolds can show the dim sense of the collar and weaken the feeling of the long face. such as Lily knot, necklace knot, double head knot and so on, in addition, can also twist the silk towel into a slightly thicker stick shape, tie out the butterfly knot, do not surround too tight, as far as possible to let the scarf naturally droop, rendering a hazy feeling.

Inverted triangular face

From the forehead to the mandible, the face is gradually narrowing the width of the inverted triangular shape of the person, giving a stern impression and the face monotonous feeling. At this time can use silk towel to let the neck full of layering, to a luxurious knot style, will have a very good effect. such as Rose knot with leaves, necklace knot, blue and white knot and so on.