The Line Method Of Silk Scarf

- Sep 12, 2017-

Mature and elegant strip knot

Fold the long silk towel into the appropriate width, in the neck one loose tight each circle, the tail cross knot, debugging tightness to achieve the natural effect. This is the best method in simplicity.

Applicable occasions: Business-type informal gatherings

A beautiful butterfly knot.

This season's popular small square is folded diagonally into triangles, exposing both sides of the shoulders and then playing a bow in front of the chest, spreading the flower shape and hiding the knot slightly. If you want to use a beautiful scarf buckle as embellishment, you should choose a long silk scarf, far to look like a dancing flower butterflies, the lower collar of the jacket played a clever complementary role.

Applicable occasions: Dating and informal party

Enthusiastic Baotou knot

Fold the silk towel into a large triangle, wrap the head and part of the forehead, the two corners in the neck after the cross knot, again after the intersection of the good, tidy shape, let the hair with ribbon natural droop.

Applicable occasions: Holiday and holiday party